July 8, 2012

I meander and wander

above and beyond her

clothed in my wonder

with feelings left under

but not rent asunder

by error and blunder

by lightning or thunder

by thirst or hunger……..

but by scaling the crest

and looking out west

to the end of my quest

and a place fit to rest

for my heart just so blessed

still beating in my chest

having passed such a test

in ways never guessed

by others or me, lest

I buckle when pressed

and deliver not my best

before others unimpressed……

No, that won’t be the case

I won’t quit the race

for a risk-free place

to save feelings, and face

and fake my myspace

I’d rather replace

my pride with some grace

remove bitter taste

and insert gently laced

words, carefully prefaced

with images lovingly placed

by cursor, copy and paste.

J. Coughlan ©2008


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