Real magic without the rabbit

July 8, 2012

Real magic is not a rabbit from a hat

it’s much more wonderful than tricks like that

real magic happens when life imitates art

and it simply begins with a dream at the start

it may be an image, some words or a tune

that comes to someone on a hill, in a room

or just driving along one day in their car

it may not matter where they are

as long as they know where they are inside

’cause dreaming, eyes open, there’s nowhere to hide

dreamers walk where angels fear to tread

rolling out a carpet of dreams instead

dreams and courage go hand in hand

when floating dreams come in to land

real dreamers know the difference between

the awake or sleeping human being

’cause reality’s a path they choose to cross

if they get it wrong they know the cost

the most amazing human achievements seen

all started as someone’s magical dream…..

J. Coughlan ©2008


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