July 12, 2012

I’m sat here quite late, just thinking ….reflecting

on a few things a dear friend recently said

about the effect we have on each other’s lives

and without that connection where our lives would have led

it’s just not possible to remain unaffected

by those who change from acquaintance to friend

as we cross or synchronize each other’s orbits

and see our direction veer, tilt or bend

sometimes we feel we’re going the wrong way

we forget that in space even light can twist

and we are not going the wrong way at all

if we have faith we’ll get there if we persist

I can truly attest to all of this

and I’ve seen it happen before my eyes

where life and reality have imitated art

much to an individual’s surprise

so when I wonder ” What does it matter ?

What good does it do, all this poetry ?

What difference does it make to those I love ?”

I recall a friend saying :

” John… it matters to me ! ”


J. Coughlan ©2007


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