Thought + Action = Heart and Mind combined

July 12, 2012

Often people are afraid to think

because when they do they start to sink

down to all those murky depths

remembering those times they stared and wept

and pondered on life’s mysteries

like why he or she ” no longer likes me”

so they spend their time seeking distraction

searching not through thought but action

which without thought is impotent

leaving them without answers but spent

now doubting action as they doubted thought

to leave their hearts so less than wrought

neither thought nor action is ever enough

to hide a fearful human bluff

they always work far better combined

because that is how they were both designed

we cannot live without mind or heart

we cannot use them both apart

they must work in tandem to work at their best

as with hearts and minds, we have been blessed.


J. Coughlan ©2007


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