Clive James : Writer, poet, critic

Dorothy Rowe : Psychologist

Gavin De Becker & Associates :

Chris Fleet : registered Hypnotherapist

Project syndicate : intl forum

Foundational Questions Institute :

Neurophilosophy Blog : Mo Costandi :

Phenomenology resource :

Edge : cutting-edge minds & contemporary issues

Bill Bailey : Comedian, musician, actor,

John Connolly : a favourite author

Brain Pickings : a favourite thoughtful Blog

Ian McMillan : Poet, broadcaster

Doug Whittrock : inspired photography

Derren Brown : very gifted artist

Itzhak Perlman : maestro of the violin

The International Chamber of Commerce

Conscious Entities : exploring Consciousness

Online papers (7700+) on subject of Consciousness

Nouriel Roubini : Global economist

Oxford Muse : project of Theodore Zeldin

Jonathan Glover : Writer on ethics/humanity

Mark Mazower : Historian, writer :

Voyager 1 & 2 space probes :

Daily Science : daily scientific research news

Scale :

Frontier of Science : updates site

Feynman : site dedicated to genius Richard Feynman

On Truth & Reality (of matter and space) :

Hubble space telescope :

Mindelbrot on DeviantArt :


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